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For those, who want to build, maintain and monetize a panel

A smart and flexible way to manage growing volumes of panel members and increase their engagement


Who is it for




This is for you if you are looking to...

  • Build panels from scratch or grow existing panels
  • Engage your members to unlock your panel's full potential and maximize profits
  • Take control of your own sampling to become less dependent on external sources

If you struggle with...

Do you recognize some of those common panel management struggles

We've been there...

For over 27 years Nebu builds and delivers software solutions for fieldwork and market(ing) research companies. Working with both smaller firms and the biggest global players on the market we had to come up with flexible solutions to help our customers grow, expand, and monetize their panels' volumes. 

During these years, we've been able to learn a great deal about our clients' needs. This, combined with our own knowledge and experience, has resulted in the next-gen, ultimate panel management solution, supporting the full chain of panel management.

How Nebu Panel Manager can help you


What do you get

Nebu Panel Manager: A game changer...

With Nebu Panel Manager you’re getting much more than merely a set of panel management features. We offer you, on top of the default Panel Management, five extra modules to bring your performance and efficiency to a whole new level. 

Panel Management

Ticketing System

Reward Platform

Project Management Recruitment Administration

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What can it do for you

By choosing Nebu Panel Manager you get...

What Nebu Panel Manager can do for you

  1. To keep your sample clean, well structured, updated with access to historical data
  2. Multi-panel tool allowing you to build a wide consumer panel, or vertical, more specialised panels 
  3. Insights into panel distribution, health, and engagement level; variety of out-of-the-box analysis
  4. Flexible sampling rules based on multi-attribute logic trees
  5. Fast feasibility checks to see whether you have got what it takes to complete a project
  6. Adjustable member portals, robust and  flexible ways of recruiting your panel members
  7. Invitations, targeting, distribution, and waves management 
  8. Rewards platform along with tools to manage products, payouts logistics, and statuses
  9. Ticketing system to communicate with panel members, support their claims and resolving any issues
  10. API endpoints to connect with external tools

Learn more about the workflow

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