Increase respondents' and panel members' engagement through tree planting


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Increasing respondents' engagement, by making the world greener, tree by tree, survey by survey

Nebu is proud to announce the newest addition to their Social Responsibility Program

Nebu has partnered with EcoMatcher to help clients increase respondents' engagement. EcoMatcher is the world’s first technology platform that enables businesses to increase customer and employee engagement on sustainability through tree planting.

"At Nebu we recognize the importance of contributing to social change and supporting sustainable growth. We believe in socially responsible marketing research and together with EcoMatcher we’ve proven that this idea is feasible”, explains Eric van Velzen, CEO of Nebu. “The goal of Nebu’s partnership with EcoMatcher is to help our clients have a positive impact on the planet while expanding their business."

Nebu offers its clients the opportunity to reward respondents with a tree, either per a completed survey or as part of a loyalty program for its panel members. On top of this Nebu supports the cause and its clients by donating trees on their behalf based on the usage of the Nebu Dub InterViewer system.

By engaging in the cause, Nebu and its clients give back to the environment and build even higher customers' engagement at the same time. Newly planted trees can be tracked, that means that you can see the specific location of each tree adopted on behalf of a customer along with the information on the farmer who is taking care of it.

Giving Back is a reflection of Smart Connect Research's Essence and Values. We pride ourselves on being the first Market Research firm to join this great initiative. Our partnership with EcoMatcher and Nebu has not only allowed us to make a positive impact on the planet but gave our collaborators a fast and transparent way to contribute successfully to fully vetted causes", explains Felipe Parker, Founder and CEO of Smart Connect Research. "While we saw higher levels of employee engagement as a result of this initiative, respondents from Corporate-Suite to Physicians, are also keener to engage in our surveys when we introduce this initiative. This year, Smart Connect Research will take this partnership to another level as we believe this is a win-win for everyone involved.

“We see that the concept of Greening the World, Tree by Tree, Survey By Survey encourages people to participate in surveys and strengthens their engagement resulting in increased participation. That is a win-win for all; for Nebu’s clients, the interviewees and Mother Nature!”, says Bas Fransen, CEO of EcoMatcher.

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