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Nebu is now ISO 9001 certified

Nebu has been recognized as an ISO 9001 certified company, demonstrating its commitment to continually improving its products and services to the greater benefit of its customers.


An independent audit conducted by Certop, established that Nebu has successfully introduced and is applying a Quality Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. 

The certification was issued on the 31st of March 2021 and applies to Nebu's software development, hosting services and product support. 

In short, it means that Nebu demonstrates a commitment to continually improve the quality of its products and services for the better of its customers.

“It's always been Nebu’s mission to consistently create value for its customers. For over 28 years, the organization has been successfully making this vision a reality,” says Otto van Linden, Nebu’s Managing Director. “We are proud to underpin this reality with our now newly proven ISO9001 certified quality management solution, which proves our commitment and dedication to our customers."

Meeting the ISO9001 requirements states that Nebu ensures the highest quality management standards by:

  • putting its customers first, making sure it strives to meet and exceed their expectations
  • having a unified direction and mission ensuring common and clear goals in the organization
  • complying with the necessary statutory and regulatory requirements
  • working according to well-designed, aligned and understood processes
  • adopting evidence-based decision making to make sure these processes produce the desired result
  • constantly identifying and addressing any areas for improvement, reacting to changes in the internal and external environment

Further information on Nebu's ISO 9001 certificate can be found here.


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About Nebu

Nebu offers 28 years of experience in building and delivering software solutions for Market Research. Nebu Data Suite is a powerful engine allowing to collect, manage and utilize data from any source and for any purpose. It allows to integrate and automate all research processes. Nebu Dub InterViewer is the most flexible and robust all-modes data collection software on the market (telephonic, online, mobile, offline). Data collected from various sources can be processed, enriched and stored in the central management platform, Nebu Data Hub. The Hub automates your entire market research process, enables you to conduct analysis and transform data into interactive visualizations to be shared in real-time Nebu Reporter dashboard or other external reporting platforms like Dapresy.