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Nebu launches a new panel management solution

ebu proudly announces the launch of Nebu Panel Manager. A 360-degree application that covers the full chain of panel operations, from multiple recruitment channels, powerful members’ management functionalities, flexible sampling, running projects, a rewards platform, to running an efficient ticketing back office.

Nebu Panel Manager is a solution for anyone who wants to build a panel from scratch or grow existing panels. It allows you to keep members engaged and active to monetize your panels and maximize profits. On top of essential panel management functionalities, Nebu Panel Manager offers an integrated Reward Platform and a Ticketing System that significantly increases the quality and effectiveness of your panel managers’ and members’ experience. 

The launch of Nebu Panel Manager strengthens Nebu’s "Collect - Manage - Utilize" paradigm. Nebu enables fieldwork and insight agencies to integrate and automate the entire market research process within one suite of fully integrated and secure tools. Nebu’s goal of helping clients to increase efficiency and effectiveness of research processes is underpinned by the release of Nebu’s new panel management solution, allowing researchers to take control of their own sampling to become less dependent on external sources and reach the right audience at the right time. 

The Nebu Panel Manager offering is also an attractive solution for agencies who want to further capitalize their sample, e.g. as a specialized panel provider. With a powerful API,  research processes can be conducted via any external data collection platform. That combined with powerful panel management capabilities, a reward platform and a ticketing system enables panel companies to integrate the entire scope of operations within Nebu Panel Manager.

To learn more, visit the Nebu Panel Manager page, or watch the recording of this webinar, to see a sneak preview of Nebu Panel Manager LIVE.

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