Nebu Partners with Rybbon to Bring an Integrated Points-to-Rewards Solution to its Panel Management Platform


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Nebu Partners with Rybbon to Bring an Integrated Points-to-Rewards Solution to its Panel Management Platform

Nebu and Rybbon have entered into a partnership to leverage the power of digital rewards for panel members. Nebu Panel Manager is now integrated with Rybbon’s Digital Rewards Management platform to ensure the increased engagement of panel members and the work efficiency of panel managers.

A successful panel is an active panel. Offering Rybbon's instant rewards or the points-to-rewards solutions helps to keep panel members engaged in completing profiling and research surveys. Incentivizing is the most effective tool encouraging members to take desired actions, such as submitting a survey or inviting friends to register to a panel.


The new integration holds multiple benefits to panel managers.  Nebu’s all-in-one panel management system eliminates the time-consuming and costly hand-delivery of large reward volumes. Without automation, this can oftentimes be a complicated and error-prone process, especially when the choice of rewards is large and the recipients reside across multiple countries. Our aim is to eliminate all of these issues. Global rewarding, often complex due to currency and varied country acceptance for rewards, is now simplified and managed by the Rybbon platform. This includes dealing with any redemption issues. With this new integration, organizations receive access to a variety of available reward choices, tracking information as well as detailed reporting features. Most of all, having 100% refunds on unclaimed rewards guarantees that none of the budgets disappears into oblivion.

NebuPanelManagerWheelRybbonFor almost 30 years, Nebu has been delivering software solutions that improve the lives of our customers. We’re proud to partner with Rybbon to expand our new panel management system with a new generation digital rewards solution,”  says Otto van Linden, Nebu’s Managing Director. “The partnership with Rybbon is an excellent fit. It underpins Nebu’s mission to offer clients a single end-to-end suite of specialized market(ing) research applications to help collect primary and secondary data in any mode, in any way, at any time, along with data utilization applications to turn data  into a continuous stream of meaningful insights.

Jignesh Shah, CEO at Rybbon, echoed the sentiment. “We know how important it is for researchers to get the data they need,” he said. “Our points-to-rewards capability makes incentivizing panel members simple and automatic. Rybbon takes the pain and costs out of managing incentives, and we are excited to bring our ease-of-use to Nebu’s all-in-one Panel Manager.”

To learn more about the benefits that the Nebu Panel Manager integration with Rybbon holds for you, please visit this partnership page, or watch the recording of our joint webinar "Keep Your Panel Engaged for the Long Run".

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