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Eliminating repetitive manual tasks from daily operations with Nebu Data Hub is easier than ever

Instant efficiency gains on project level

Nebu Data Hub 2.0 is a Data Management & Utilization Platform designed to help researchers deal with primary & secondary (big) data, in an effective and automated way. It has proven to bring significant efficiency gains for its users. “The platform helped us to decrease time spent on handling incoming sample files. Only one project demanded around 40h/week of manual processing, and with Nebu Data Hub we managed to limit that to max 1h/week of overseeing the correctness of the automated process,” said Staffan Backman, project manager at Origo Group (formerly Markör Markand och Kommuniation AB).

The solution relieves researchers from “time-eaters.” This applies to various fieldwork and market research tasks, from sample cleaning, deduplication, data-normalization before merging different sources, generating metrics and intermediate results throughout the research process, to cleaning and merging datasets.

Regularly performed tasks, often identified as pain points in the organization, can be redesigned within Nebu Data Hub and automated, such that the employees can focus on adding value where machines cannot.

Once a process is set up, it can easily be applied to any other project of similar nature. The output of one process can also be used as an input to the next one. In general Nebu Data Hub provides research practitioners with a simple and effective way to introduce automation and sequencing into their projects.

What Nebu Data Hub Can Do For Me

All-in-one tool for managing, processing and utilizing data

Nebu Data Hub 2.0 introduces automation, resulting in instant efficiency gains on the project level. Yet, out-of-the-box, it offers a lot more as an all-in-one tool for managing, processing and utilizing multiple data sources.

The platform ensures that data collected or acquired from anywhere is properly validated, stored, protected, and accessible 24/7 in a controlled way to all authorized users. With Nebu Data Hub you can establish, monitor and improve continuous data mining processes. It supports you in the process of extracting meaning, drawing conclusions and identifying patterns from raw data.

Further, you can use Nebu Data Hub to sharpen insights delivered to end-clients. Patterns, trends and correlations that you discover might go undetected in text-only reports, that is why the platform helps you to place them in a visual context. Nebu Data Hub, using the power of R, allows you to apply machine learning to your processes, to more accurately target consumers,  predict product performance or customer behaviour.

To learn more visit the Nebu Data Hub 2.0 page.


About Nebu

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