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Nebu releases Dialer as a Service

Nebu announced the launch of Dialer as a Service (DaaS) for market research and fieldwork firms that have a need (permanent or occasional) to do telephone interviewing in-house.

Running through the PCs they already have in place, DaaS is as simple as having the interviewers connect their headset to their computers, log in to the DaaS site and start calling. There are no up-front hardware costs and no minimum time contract – users simply “pay as they go.”

According to Eric van Velzen, co-founder and CEO of Nebu, “We saw how our clients struggled with the cost and inefficiencies of having to build their own phone rooms, acquire and maintain the hardware and then even sometimes let it sit idle while they waited for projects to come in. With DaaS, all of that goes away – clients don’t even need handsets. It is virtually ‘on-demand, plug-and-play’ technology.”

Developed in conjunction with technology partners inITova, Sytel and BlueSIP, DaaS supports all calling modes from power dialing to predictive dialing. All of the third party contracts are managed by Nebu, so DaaS clients can focus on just one thing – making their calls.

ABOUT NEBU - Nebu is the specialized provider of Data Collection Software. It was founded in 1992 in the Netherlands. Since that Nebu is firmly rooted in European countries, such as the UK, Scandinavia, Germany and Hungary. For more information visit or call +31 251 311 413.