Nebu and Rybbon automating functioning of a panel reward platform

Automated management of rewards through Nebu Panel Manager

Taking the pain and expense out of managing digital rewards and incentives for the continued engagement of panel members


About the integration

Nebu and Rybbon have joined forces to deliver the most complete and efficient panel management solution on the market.

Nebu Panel Manager is now integrated with Rybbon's fully automated rewards platform. The primary benefits are threefold:

  • By facilitating the easy redemption of points for a variety of attractive rewards you can significantly improve the engagement, and retention, of your panel members
  • By automating many tasks that would otherwise need to be done manually,  you can reduce your repetitive administrative work by up to 70% 
  • By offering smart global rewarding and 100% refunds on unclaimed rewards, you can eliminate expensive errors and ensure budgets are kept in check


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What do you get

Nebu Panel Manager is a 360-degree application that covers the full chain of panel operations, from multiple recruitment channels, powerful member management functionalities, flexible sampling to running an efficient ticketing back office. The partnership with Rybbon strengthens the offering with an integrated automated solution for sending, tracking and managing your rewards programs. 

A successful panel is an active panel. Offering Rybbon's instant rewards or the points-to-rewards solutions helps to keep panel members engaged in completing profiling and research surveys. Incentivizing is the most effective tool encouraging members to take desired actions, such as submitting a survey or inviting friends to register to a panel.

The new integration holds multiple benefits to panel managers. Product Managers can browse through Rybbon’s extensive catalog of e-gifts and e-donations. With only a few clicks they create their own reward shops that are available directly in panel portals. Managers no longer have to worry about issues with reward delivery or complex processes, for as many respondents as needed, also globally. The rewarding process can be fully automated or require managerial approval. The platform ensures 100% refunds on unclaimed rewards. And let's not forget that members are incentivized to complete all available research and profiling questionnaires. That is how they receive points used to redeem rewards of their liking, and you drive higher engagement and completion rates.


By choosing Nebu Panel Manager - integrated with Rybbon - you are getting many benefits, including:

  • A single  multi-tenant solution to build, maintain and monetize panels for various vertical markets, industries, brands and customers
  • A simple solution allowing members to collect points for completing surveys or to offer an instant reward for completing a questionnaire
  • 100% refunds on unclaimed rewards that are 10-20% of all rewards and can be a significant portion of the rewarding budget
  • Simplified global rewarding with the Smart Global Choice feature, which means no more expensive errors in the rewarding process, for example, due to dealing with multiple currencies

To learn more watch the recording of the recent webinar co-hosted by Rybbon and Nebu "Keep Your Panel Engaged for the Long Run".


Nebu & Rybbon

Rybbon is a trusted brand that automates the digital rewarding process for 1000+ businesses. It's a solution for all that need a fast way to offer variety in reward choices globally, so all of their recipients are satisfied, and managers are free from issues like currency.

Nebu for almost 30 years supplies market(ing) research systems and solutions. Nebu Panel Manager supports everyone who wants to build, maintain and monetize panels in a smart and flexible way, including driving the research and insights.

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