Discover SurveyTester Ad Hoc Offer

The Standard Offer

Twenty SurveyTester projects with a 15% discount


surveytester_standardThe Standard offer is designed for all marketing research and fieldwork companies that create many surveys every week and are constantly looking for methods of reducing production costs and increasing the production speed.

A Standard offer is a base license allowing efficient collaborative work on improving your surveys quality internally and also externally with end clients.

  • Test, correct and visualize questionnaires' logic

  • Create notesmake commentsassign tasks and keep track of all changes

  • Check how well a question works on various devices and operating systems

The Standard contract will grant you access to 20 projects in SurveyTester with a 15% discount. You will be able to scale-up the amount whenever you need by ordering an upgrade of 5 consecutive projects. 

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