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20 years of experience in providing software & support for the marketing research industry

You have landed on this page so, this means you are looking for ways to innovate your marketing research. Most probably have been working with your current system for many years and were considering changing software platforms. But you found us, which shows us you are interested in expanding or changing your software systems. We’re glad you did. We can be of help!

Are you looking for a cost-effective tool? Do you want to land a new project and you’re currently missing some functionality your prospect requires? There are many reasons to be seeking innovation. Regardless of the actual reasons why you are considering upgrading or changing we acknowledge that it’s a decision that doesn’t come easily.

Migrating to a new system is a technologically challenging and time-consuming step. That is why you might find yourself posing some questions: “Is it really necessary?", "Do I have to make that transition now?”. There is a good chance you are an experienced marketing researcher and with your knowledge and expertise you probably could find a way to adjust the project design or your current systems to allow you to fill the gap in your current technological setting, but how much time and money will it take and will it be flexible enough to take on new challenges posed by the rapidly changing market?

New technologies are challenging the Marketing Research Industry to innovate. In response to that need at some point in the upcoming years, it will become a necessity to invest in upgrades. Will you decide to proceed with upgrades now, or wait until some time in the future when the technological gap might be even larger and be even more difficult and costly to upgrade too?

We enjoy discussing these issues with current and prospective clients in an open and creative fashion to help them make the right decision, at the time and with the least amount of hassles. Please feel free to contact us and have a chat about your future requirements.

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Data collection tools



Nebu provides a suite of powerful marketing research tools. Nebu Dub InterViewer is one of the most flexible data collection software available on the market. The tool allows creating custom marketing research concepts like NPS, Brand Sentiment and much more. 

Key benefits of Nebu Dub InterViewer:

  • Create and manage CATI, online, mobile surveys of any complexity level directly from one platform
  • Use mixed mode and multi-mode interviewing to increase response rate
  • Analyze and recode open-ended questions
  • Provide multi-language support for your surveys
  • Use routing in surveys to increase completion rate
  • Monitor and coach interviewers to increase productivity
  • Manage quota and create sampling rules

As technology advances, the way data is being used becomes more complex. There are millions of gigabytes of data that can enrich your primary marketing research projects. Nebu Data Hub, seamlessly integrated with Nebu Dub InterViewer, allows you to enhance insights using secondary research data consumed directly from, for example, CRM and transactional systems, tools, web analytics tools, open data, third party software. This means that you can provide even sharper and more precise insights while increasing work efficiency and reducing cost spending.

Collect, manage and utilize all your data with Nebu. In real-time, as integrated and automated full chain marketing research process.

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Tremayne Consulting Group was founded by Terry Tremayne in 1991 to provide CATI and data analysis software solutions for market and social research. Since 2007, TCG has also been providing clients with a range of dialer solutions that provide fast and reliable auto call result handling, high voice quality and competitive pricing.


Key features of the TCG Dialer:

  • Increasing productivity gains at significantly less cost than with the competitors
  • Flexible and easily scalable from a 10 user system up to 96 users per a dialer server
  • Multiple dialers are available on site and can be also set up at various sites to be supervised centrally
  • Uses software phones, SIP phones or analog phones via channel banks
  • Auto detects and codes call results: busy, no answer, disconnected, network issues, etc.
  • Audio playback for ad testing is available
  • The audio recording of individual questions, groups of questions or whole interviews for quality checking.
  • Interviewing and supervisor monitoring can be done locally, or remotely using SIP/VOIP
  • No connection delays, i.e. minimal nuisance calls and lower refusal/hang-up rates
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Download brochures about Nebu Dub InterViewer and TCG Auto Dialer:
Auto dialer
Download the TCG auto dialer brochure
Download the TCG Dialer brochure
Data collection
Download Dub InterViewer brochure
Download the Nebu Dub InterViewer dashboard
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Migrating MR solutions


Your current data collection tools do not feel flexible enough anymore? Your are considering switching your technology provider and want to ensure a smooth transition for the team? We can help you! We’ve been there and done that before. We have successfully provided clients with solutions that allow for staged-over change to be performed in a timely manner with minimal hurdles. 


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