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Fieldwork & Market Research

NewNebuCircleSuiteFlow_2021_biggerNebu with its "Collect - Manage - Utilize" paradigm helps clients to unlock the full potential of data within their Market Research & Insights operations. Data collection, panel management, hosted dialer and data management fully integrated solutions provide you with richer data, better insights, and faster delivery! The solution can support particular tasks or your entire market research process from collecting and managing to utilize your data in an automated way. 

  1. Create and manage CATI, online, mobile surveys of any complexity level directly from one platform
  2. Use mixed-mode and multi-mode interviewing to increase the response rate
  3. Analyze and recode open-ended questions
  4. Provide multi-language support for your surveys
  5. Use routing in surveys to increase the completion rate
  6. Monitor and coach interviewers to increase productivity
  7. Manage quota and create sampling rules
  8. Clean, restructure, weight and merge datasets
  9. Analyze results, draw sharp insights, create reports
  10. Visualize the results and share in dashboards

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Customer Feedback

Capture your customers’ thoughts or feelings about brands, products, or services instantly with our unique CX360 degrees solution. Comprehensive, robust, fully GDPR compliant and user-friendly, the solution allows you to use a fully automated CX flow. Your CX questionnaire can be of any complexity and even offers you an option to close the feedback loop with telephone follow-ups.

cx360emailcircleonlySample Management:
1. Upload your sample
2. Deduplicate sample
3. Create and maintain blacklists
4. Send out invitations and schedule reminders
5. Track your project progress and invitations statistics

Data Collection:
1. Questionnaires that look excellent on any device
2. Have beautifully designed surveys
3. Support for multilingual projects
4. Optional: On-site tablet data collection
5. Optional: Telephone follow-up interviewing

Reporting & Case Management:
1. Multiple deliverables (dashboards, PPT-reports & tables)
2. Hierarchical filters for e.g. reporting, access controls
3. Data processing (cleaning, weighting & variable creation)
4. Case management, including escalation processes
5. Customer history tracking with previous touch-points

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Assessments Management

Nebu Assessment is a user-friendly and intuitive web-based solution with robust and flexible functionalities. It has been designed to support the vast variety of methods or tools that educators, coaches, business mentors and HR specialists use to evaluate, measure and document learning progress, personality traits, skill levels, educational needs, development requirements and much more.


  1. Collect, manage and utilize the assessment data to reach clear conclusions regarding the knowledge, qualification and potential of the assessee.
  2. Automate processes so you can efficiently draw sharp strategic decisions like selection and hiring, promotions and appraisals, organizational and personal development.
  3. Provide your clients (both organizations and the assessees) with an objective and complete picture for both long-term and short-term development goals.

Audience Building

Panelbenefits2With our solution, you can recruit, manage and foster your panel members. 

  1. Panel Management
    • Statistics on Distribution and Health of Panel Members and their Attributes
    • Panel Registration (Source attribution)
    • Manage Attribute Structure & Profiling Surveys
    • Flexible sampling rules based on the attributes-powered logic tree
  2. Managing Projects 360°
    • Feasibility Checks/Queries
    • Project Management & Targeting/Distribution/Invitation in Waves
    • Statistics and Reporting
  3. Ticketing System
    • Search for Individual Users
    • Ticketing to manage incoming
    • Quality / Incentive – Access to account details  + attributes
  4. Reward Platform
    • Manage Products
    • Process Orders / Logistics to manage Payouts / Statuses
    • Points Accounts
  5. Multiple Panel Co-Owners
    • Granting Various Panel Rights
    • Panel Statistics
    • Historic Development (customized if relevant for billing)
  6. Administration
    • Creation / Management of Panel Owners / User accounts
    • Create Panels / Define Reports
    • Templates

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Process Automation

InsightsWe offer efficient ways to automate processes and unlock vast and flexible data analysis & visualization capabilities to deliver sharp and actionable insights to your End clients. 

Nebu Data Hub is a new generation platform designed to help marketing researchers deal with primary & secondary (big) data in an effective and automated way. It helps to eliminate daily repetitive tasks identified as "time-eaters" and pain points in the organization so that the employees can concentrate on adding value where machines cannot.

This is true for different market research tasks, from sample cleaning, deduplication, data-normalization before merging different sources, generating metrics and intermediate results throughout the research process, to cleaning up and merging datasets. Clients using Nebu Data Hub to optimize their processes report a significant increase in work efficiency, for example relieving one person from handling incoming sample files for 40h/week, to only around 1h/week they spend on overseeing the correctness of the automated process.

You can use Nebu Data Hub also to create sophisticated data mining or machine learning processes to take your data utilization and data analysis to a whole new level.

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In a need of a specific Vertical Market Solution?

With any ready-to-use vertical solutions, there is the possibility to develop additional components that you deem necessary to meet your specific needs.

Should you require other unique vertical solutions, please feel free to request a call. We will be happy to assist you in building your own unique and differentiating research process to create your own vertical market. 

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