100WEEKS is a Dutch non-profit organization supporting women in Africa on their way out of extreme poverty

Insights to support African women on their way out of extreme poverty

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For skilled researchers, there are no obstacles that cannot be overcome in the name of reaching insights. Especially if the study is helping to significantly improve the quality of peoples lives! 

✔️ Fieldwork in the most extreme circumstances
✔️ Complex research design and interviewing rules
✔️ Challenging quality control processes
✔️ Advanced data processing and reporting

Join the webinar for a serious dose of inspiration!

Hear the story of how 100WEEKS' research specialists (Johannes von Engelhardt and Yvonne van Dalen) have designed the study, and how they "Collect, Manage and Utilize" data to measure and report the impact of the program supporting women in rural Rwanda, Ghana and Uganda on their way out of extreme poverty.

Who will find it useful
The webinar is a great idea for everyone who is looking for inspiration in one (or many) of those aspects of market research:

✔️ Designing the study logic to be able to answer research questions
✔️ Efficient questionnaire scripting
✔️ Conducting multimode projects (in this case it's CATI + CAPI)
✔️ Quality control challenges
✔️ Dealing with limited resources and making it all happen (a pop-up tablet-based call center!)
✔️ Merging different data sources
✔️ Automated data processing
✔️ Creating interactive dashboards
✔️ Delivering insights to answer questions of various stakeholders

To inspire! Share food for thought!

Learning outcomes
✔️ Hearing first hand what it means to conduct fieldwork in Africa
✔️ Learning about 100WEEKS, a Dutch non-profit organization devoted to helping women escape extreme poverty
✔️ Understanding the scope of the flexibility offered by the Nebu Data Suite and the meaning of the "Collect-Manage-Utilize" paradigm. 

Johannes von Engelhardt
Johannes is responsible for the monitoring and evaluation efforts of 100WEEKS. Outside of 100WEEKS, Johannes works as an independent researcher and Monitoring & Evaluation consultant in international development and helps to tackle methodology and data issues in challenging environments. He has worked on various research projects in places such as Tanzania, Senegal, Togo, Gaza and Myanmar for different NGOs as well as the World Bank. As a part-time academic, he is teaching statistics and research methods at the University of Amsterdam (PPLE College) and recently completed a Ph.D. dissertation on media coverage of humanitarian disasters at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Yvonne van Dalen
Yvonne is responsible for the execution of the monitoring and evaluation of 100WEEKS and for the research that will be conducted with the data gathered by 100WEEKS. As 100WEEKS has gathered a lot of valuable data since the start of the program in 2015, many researchers are interested to collaborate. Yvonne is writing a literature review together with the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam, to see which research areas should be focused on. Based on these findings she is setting up research projects to learn more about the impact of the program. Besides 100WEEKS Yvonne is also working as a research coordinator for a large cohort study in Amsterdam.

Thursday, 14 November 2019, 10-11 am and 5-6 pm CET.