Watch the recording from the webinar to discover Nebu's demo coffee brand awareness project

Building a SMART research flow

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With Nebu Data Hub and Nebu Reporter, new tools introduced to the market over the last two years, Nebu’s offering has significantly expanded. To accommodate the changes in our markets, we broadened our focus from solely delivering a solid data collection tool to a new, much more rich offer. Nowadays Nebu provides the industry with software to support the complete chain of marketing research from collecting, through managing to utilizing all data (primary and secondary).

The Collect - Manage - Utilize paradigm describes the full scope of what Nebu tools offer. To help understand what that means, we have setup a demo use case. Based on an international coffee brand awareness study, we will present how to use Nebu Data Suite tools to build a SMART marketing research flow. A smooth, great looking, fully integrated and automated research flow: from survey programming, through managing sample and quota, data processing, visualizing the results, to creating dashboards and building up a coffee enthusiasts panel for future agile research iterations.

Who will find it useful
The video is targeted at fieldwork and market research practitioners who would like to:

  • Understand the full scope of possibilities offered by Nebu Data Suite
  • See an example of what it means to integrate and automate the full chain of the marketing research processes using Nebu tools
  • Increase work efficiency and effectivity by creating and implementing SMART flowsCoffeeWebinarMain3Wheel

By watching the recording from our past webinar, you will see tips on how to use Nebu tools to build SMART research flows 

 - specific (each project is different and you need a flexible tool to meet those demands)
M - measurable (you want tangible efficiency and effectivity gains delivered with new flows)
A  - achievable (provide the right results in time and cost-efficient ways)
R  - relevant (make sense out of all the data you own to offer your clients the most relevant insights)
- timely (observe the project progress in real-time to detect and resolve any issues instantly)

Learning outcomes
Based on the new Coffee Brand Awareness demo, we present a high-level overview of how the Nebu Data Suite helps you to collect, manage and utilize all your project data via a smooth, automated, and efficient research flow. Watch to see the final result of how Nebu tools cover some of the key research tasks, including among many (sentences in red are clickable links):

multilingual questionnaire
A multilingual, fully responsive and sleek-looking questionnaire
programming routing
Smart routing rules to increase the survey performance efficiency
pre-processing data
Background pre-processing of incoming data to improve the work effectivity
multiple quota
Multiple quota cells on sample and questionnaire level
automated cleaning quota
Automated cleaning rules to provide a clear overview of targets to reach
setting up panel
A panel for your target group/audience
identify potential panel members
Rules for identifying respondents that are eligible for further studies
automated panel flow
Automated flows encouraging respondents to register to the panel and allowing for the auto-completion of the enrolment process 
processing on incoming data
Scripts that run on a live project and clean, unify, restructure data for further data processing
Dashboards with the progress reporting, sample and quota overviews, and interactive visualizations of the core results  

Malgorzata Mleczko, Head of Marketing @Nebu

The webinar was hosted on Thursday, 9th May 2019.