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Creating award-winning responsive questionnaires

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Nebu offers its clients one application with a single user interface to script CATI, online and mobile surveys out-of-the-box. No extra costs.

Recently we made it even easier for the users.  Nebu released the brand new responsive template, which makes online questionnaires fully compatible with all devices and platforms. Dub InterViewer users can choose from twenty look & feel versions of the new responsive template

The tool allows to apply custom adjustments in the look and feel of each template, like color, font type, background picture and logotypes to best reflect brand identity or a topic the survey is related to. (p.s. If you want more, no problem, Nebu's Professional Services team can also help you develop a custom template to match your specific needs!)

Who will find it useful
The webinar is targeted at fieldwork and market research practitioners who would like to:

  • Maximize response rates by offering respondents a better survey experience on any device and at any time
  • Spend less time on technicalities like switching between tools to collect, manage and utilize data coming from different survey modes
  • Increase fieldwork efficiency and effectivity as a result of being able to switch between data collection modes and thus by fostering respondents' goodwill

By watching the webinar, you will be shown how to:

  • Use Nebu's new responsive template
  • Apply adjustments to a template's default look & feel
  • Keep a survey fun and engaging by playing with the question types' various look & feel versions (for example, a numeric question can be displayed to respondents as a ranking, a slider, etc.)
  • Prepare pictures for a questionnaire (like packshots for a brand awareness survey) in a way they always look good
  • Apply customized question display rules
  • Set up a web-based progress reporting dashboard with a live connection to the project data

Learning outcomes
You will learn how, in just a few steps, you can:

  • Create fully responsive online and mobile surveys
  • Apply practical tips and tricks for creating killer visuals
  • Set up a dashboard with a live connection to data and the look and feel matching your survey

Malgorzata Mleczko, Nebu's Head of Marketing with substantial experience in creating visually oriented campaigns worth more than a million words ;-)

Save ~40 min on Tuesday, 15th January 2019, at 10 am EST / 3 pm GMT / 4 pm CET - to check the exact hour in your time zone click here. 

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If you wish to see one of our demo online surveys and a corresponding progress reporting dashboard, please check out this short blog post.


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