Market Research for the Greater Good 

The results of the 100WEEKS program have been amazing. Of the 1500+ women and their families who were helped in the last 5 years, 87% were able to come out of poverty and more importantly, stay out of poverty. Working with local partners on the ground, specially selected women are coached over the course of 100 WEEKS and given access to tools, training as well as financial assistance.

After having completed the first few rounds of the program back in 2015, the organization started looking for professional market research tools to measure the impact of the project. That is how our paths crossed and since then, we are proud to be able to support this meaningful initiative offering our data collection tools along with the support without any fees.

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Insights to support African women on their way out of extreme poverty

The project includes a series of evaluation surveys conducted over the course of 100 weeks. For the telephone interviews, 100WEEKS decided to use our CATI module directly on tablets. Applying such a solution made 100WEEKS able to limit the initial costs of organizing the call center and workstations. It also provides the organization with the flexibility to pack and move the Pop-Up call center easily to wherever the next project will be held. The actual calling is conducted directly with tablets via its’ GSM modules. A part of the interviews will be held directly on-site (face-to-face) with the use of the CAPI app of-line when there is no mobile phone coverage. Survey (both CATI and CAPI) and sample data collected during the interviews are being stored on centralized servers in the Netherlands where data is undergoing further processing and analysis. 


For more details watch the webinar where Joris Meys (a statistician, R programmer and lecturer at the Ghent University in Belgium) together with Johannes von Engelhardt (responsible for designing and overseeing the data collection processes at 100WEEKS) will use the R to transform, in real-time, data into a story of 100 African women on their journey out of extreme poverty. 

Watch the webinar