Join the webinar to learn about the benefits and considerations for fieldwork and insights companies adopting R

R in marketing research
The benefits and considerations for fieldwork and insights companies adopting R

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Who is it for
This webinar is an excellent choice for anyone in the market research industry who:
  • Has basic knowledge of R language but is looking to optimize and streamline workflows using R
  • Has never had a touchpoint with this programming language and wants to get a quick start to applying R
  • Is an R user but wants to create more efficient, effective and automated processes using R
The scope 
We touch upon a few essential benefits and considerations to help you understand whether using R is the right choice for your organization and how to set up a highly efficient workflow: 
  • Working locally or with an outsourced cloud environment (like Nebu Data Hub)
  • Establishing secure workflows
  • Different levels of automation
  • Creating an organization-wide repository 
  • Various visualizing capabilities and outputs
During this session, we provide answers to questions often asked about applying R to market research:
  • WHY is it worth to use R in our industry?
  • HOW to apply R to market research?
  • WHAT areas will R help your organization with?
  • WHICH factors to consider to set up a secure, efficient, and effective workflow?
The learning outcome
By watching this video, you will get a better understanding of what R can offer you. You will know which approach to undertake to get the highest efficiency gains
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Csanád Kölcsei
Sales Engineer

Malgorzata Mleczko
Head of Marketing

Zoltan Szuhai
Director  R&D

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