Join the webinar to deep dive into the world of automated coding using Artificial Intelligence


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Continuing our series on SMART surveys in Nebu Dub InterViewer - we are taking a deep dive into the world of automated coding using Artificial Intelligence.
In collaboration with our partner Digital Taxonomy, we have built on our recent webinar and show how to use the "Codeit" API to code open-ended responses on the fly during surveys. 

Using the Codeit API in this way allows you to:
- Dynamically assign codes to verbatim responses in-survey
- Automatically extract key phrases, themes, objects and even expletives(!) during a survey 
- Detect respondent sentiment from open survey responses
- Dynamically route your questionnaire based on the respondents' own words
- Save time in post-coding by pre-coding responses in-survey
Learning outcomes
- Understand the techniques available to Nebu users via the Codeit API
- Appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of each technique
- Learn how to configure the API in Codeit and connect to it from Nebu

Tim Brandwood is CEO of Digital Taxonomy. Formed in 2016, Digital Taxonomy’s flagship product, “Codeit” blends machine learning, text analytics and human expertise to unstructured
data into high quality, actionable information.
Rudy Bublitz (Digital Taxonomy) has spent 37 years in data processing and IT within the survey research industry. His experience includes working within full-service market research agencies and global software application providers with experience in tabulation, reporting and survey technologies. For the past 19 years, Rudy has focused on SaaS offerings to manage unstructured textual content gathered during surveys and social conversations.