Join our webinar to discover how Nebu Panel Manager helps you to recruit, reach and re-activate the right people at the right time

Webinar: Creating attractive and functional member portals with Nebu

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The scope of the presentation
In this session, we offered a demonstration of Nebu's new panel management solution, including a Q&A session with the Product Owner who answered a few technical and/or functional questions.
We show the main modules and touch upon the benefits of using Nebu Panel Manager in three main areas:
    • creating functional, user-friendly and visually appealing member portals
    • analyzing most effective channels and campaigns
    • creating sharp insights into panel health & performance
Who is it for
This webinar is for everyone who is looking for a panel management solution that helps: 
  • recruiting the target groups most optimally
  • reaching the right people at the right time
  • encouraging and incentivizing panel members to be active and engaged
The learning outcome
By watching this recording you will:
  • Understand the basic principle of working with Nebu's panel management
  • Discover the member portal and the main modules and functionalities available with Nebu Panel Manager
  • Learn about how the tool can help you increase work efficiency

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