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Transforming the way of research with Nebu SMART surveys

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The learning outcome
In this session we speak about working with SMART surveys to help you unlock the full potential of data you already own, keep your panels active and well-monetizing, as well as driving your members' engagement.
We touch upon five key aspects of SMART surveys:
Specific (always target a specific group aligned with a content and design suitable questionnaire)
Motivating (dynamic and engaging surveys, points for completion to redeem for rewards)
Achievable (meet KPIs by increasing the completion rates,  keeping panel active & members engaged)
Relevant (ask only relevant questions to relevant people increasing the chance for a complete)
Timely (keep it real-time and interactive; including data processing, analysis and visualizing)
With this method, you always ask only the relevant questions and to the relevant people driving your work and research efficiency through the roof!
The big picture 
For many months, our team has been working tirelessly and with a lot of dedication to launching something new, exciting, and long-awaited. The time has come! Finally, we can show you our new web-based survey builder - Nebu InterViewer.
The 15th of April marks an official launch of a new generation solution for fast, dynamic, interactive, fun to create and complete web questionnaires.

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