Discover how you can integrate tree planting into your Nebu operations

InterView with Bas Fransen: Turning tree-planting into a high performing machine

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Some of you have already heard of EcoMatcher. For some, this will be the first time. For both groups, this is an exciting session. In the last few months, EcoMatcher has made a series of new developments, increasing the scope and prominence of benefits for you and your respondents and panel members. By watching the video, you will: 

  • Learn in detail how this initiative works
  • Hear from the founder about his quest for the best and most reliable tree-planting partners
  • Watch how the flow works from a user and an end-client perspective
  • See the desktop version of the platform as well as brand new mobile applications (Android and iOS)
  • Grasp the benefits of participating for you and your respondents or panel members

How the EcoMatcher initiative works

About EcoMatcher and SMART tree-planting
EcoMatcher, integrated with Nebu Data Suite tools, is the world’s first technology platform that enables businesses to increase customer and employee engagement through SMART tree planting.  What is SMART tree planting? It means that companies can adopt trees through the platform planted by foundations fully vetted by EcoMatcher in a range of countries. The platform also gives access to data about those trees, such as the exact location of each tree and information about the farmer caring for the tree.

Who will find it interesting
The video is meant for anyone who is looking for new ways to increase respondents' or panel members' engagement. It is also a good idea for everyone who is interested in the concepts of corporate social responsibility, tree-planting, and solutions for climate change.

Bas Fransen, Founder & CEO @EcoMatcher
Malgorzata Mleczko, Head of Marketing @Nebu