Using R in Data Analysis

Using R in Data Analysis

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Watch the webinar to experience the power of R applied to market research in real-time. R is one of the fastest growing programming languages of the last decade and has been written by statisticians, with statistics and data in mind. R allows you to:

  • Process data from many different systems, in a variety of forms, for both small and large datasets
  • Perform any kind of data processing and utilization operations
  • Apply statistical modeling, simulations
  • Visualize data to tell a story

Joris Meys, a statistician, R programmer and lecturer at the Ghent University in Belgium will explain how efficient the use of R can be. During the webinar, he will perform a few typical market research operations based on raw project data of an inspiring CATI project of 100WEEKS.

100WEEKS is a Dutch non-profit organization that assists women in developing countries to break out of the vicious circle of extreme poverty. Their mission is well captured by their tagline "Temporary Cash for Permanent Change." Women taking part in the programme receive small mobile cash transfers (around $8/week) for a period of 100 weeks, no strings attached. They are free to decide themselves how to use the money to improve their livelihoods. During this time, the women also take part in coaching sessions to find new sources of income. While 100WEEKS has been active in Rwanda since 2015, they recently expanded their activities to Ghana, funded by the Tony Chocolonely Foundation. For more information:

Joris Meys together with Johannes von Engelhardt, responsible for designing and overseeing the data collection processes at 100WEEKS will use the R to extract a story captured so far this year in the project’s dataset.

Who will find it useful
The webinar video is targeted at fieldwork and market research practitioners who haven't had any prior experience with R and want to start their journey or those who have already encountered the R language but don't know how to apply it into practical use within the scope of the marketing research industry. 

By watching the webinar, you will:

  • Be shown the fundamentals around how and why to apply the R language to data processing, analysis and visualizations
  • Use for yourself how efficient R can be, when applied to an actual market research project 

Learning outcomes
You will learn how, in just a few steps, you can:

  • Get the project data
  • Prepare the data summarization
  • Perform basic data analysis (for example, to compare the results of a few test groups)
  • Create a visualization of the data to tell a meaningful story 

The webinar was organized by Market Research Society in London in cooperation with Nebu and hosted by Robin Nash 

Joris Meys

A statistical data analysis expert. Since 2009 he has worked as a statistician, R programmer and lecturer at Ghent University in Belgium. In 2012 he also founded Deciso, a company offering consultancy and training on statistics and R. Joris has developed multiple R packages and web interfaces for a wide variety of applications and over the years has delivered numerous workshops on R and statistics for both researchers and companies. He also regularly delivers training for MRS on Using R in Data Analysis. In 2012 he published the first edition of R for Dummies together with Andrie de Vries and the revamped second edition arrived in 2015.

Johannes von Engelhardt 
Johannes is responsible for the monitoring and evaluation efforts of 100WEEKS. Outside of 100WEEKS, Johannes works as an independent researcher and Monitoring & Evaluation consultant in international development and helps to tackle methodology and data issues in challenging environments. He has worked on various research projects in places such as Tanzania, Senegal, Togo, Gaza and Myanmar for different NGOs as well as the World Bank. As a part-time academic, he is teaching statistics and research methods at the University of Amsterdam (PPLE College) and recently completed a Ph.D. dissertation on media coverage of humanitarian disasters at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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